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Increase Leads & Revenue.

SEO can help you get more business in Glasgow. As the most populated city in Scotland, Glasgow should be at the centre of your marketing efforts.

If you're based in Glasgow or want to focus your marketing efforts on the area, talk to our Glasgow SEO specialists and we can chat about your strategy.


Proven Results

We have transformed our clients businesses online, driving targeted traffic to their websites and helping them dominate search engine results.

Performance Tracking

We provide clients access to live rankings online and using an app. We also provide monthly reports which include results achieved and work completed.

Dedicated Account Manager

A dedicated account manager based in Glasgow will work with your company and our technical SEO experts to achieve your business goals.

Value For Money

Receive real value for your investment. Our prices reflect the work we provide.


To put it simply, the main benefit of SEO is: higher rankings = more traffic = more leads.

Sounds great, right?

That’s not all, companies who use SEO benefit from:

  • Improved brand awareness due to increased traffic
  • Free highly qualified website visitors
  • Improved user experience on website
  • Brand credibility (people trust Google)
  • More visibility than competitors


We have heard every SEO horror story there is. It’s very common for businesses to hire Glasgow SEO companies to deliver results, just to be 12 months down the line with no real work done to their website. This is most common for any SEO campaign under £1,000 per month. It’s common for black hat tactics to be used on lower budgets which can really damage your rankings on Google.

Our prices reflect the work we provide, so you receive real value for your investment. Clients receive monthly reports on our progress and complete access to our live rank tracking software. If you have any issues, your dedicated account manager will work with you to fix them and delegate tasks to our technical team. We ensure you receive the best SEO Glasgow has to offer.


Search engine optimisation can provide astronomical results for all kinds of businesses. However for some SEO is not the answer. There can be a number of reasons SEO may not be suitable for your business or situation.

If you would like to find out if SEO is suitable for your business or situation, then fill in the form below and we will be in touch. If we believe that SEO is not suitable for you then we will not work with you. Our clients hire us based on trust, our honesty and results. We won’t take money from you if we see no return on investment for your company.

If you’re not suitable for SEO, then we will suggest alternative marketing strategies and recommend our preferred partners who we believe will provide you the best service possible.

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Alan Bell
Alan Bell
16:05 04 Oct 17
My company depended on word of mouth to survive, after an initial consultation I took the jump and hired Keep SEO Simple to generate more business for me online. My company is now above my local competitors on Google and Bing and I could not be happier, they are now targeting national keywords. Jamie and the Keep SEO Simple team were exceptional, they "kept seo simple" for me which helped a lot. I highly recommend them, they are a company you can trust.
kieren Kerr
kieren Kerr
15:56 04 Oct 17
A friendly team who have helped me grow my business considerably over the last two years with SEO.
Brendan B
Brendan B
13:25 05 Oct 17
Better value for money than previously used website optimisation companies in Glasgow, expect results, a friendly & helpful account manager & becoming a very happy client!
Will Cheatley
Will Cheatley
19:56 05 Oct 17
Very easy to work with and achieved what they said they would. Our cleaning company is now enjoying a positive ROI with SEO and we could not be happier.
Gerald Thomson
Gerald Thomson
20:08 05 Oct 17
My online store is ranked on the first page of major keywords in my niche, I am very happy with the progress made so far.
Dean Shelmire
Dean Shelmire
20:15 05 Oct 17
Top notch seo services...Dean
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What are your SEO results?

You can view our results on our case studies page. We have helped many businesses improve their search traffic and rankings online. For example, we increased the online store Airsoft Deals to the number one position for their main keyword. We also put All-In-One Web Design on page 1 for their main national keywords, increasing their leads by 25%.

How long to see results?

SEO usually takes two months to see improvements to rankings and six months to a year for page one results. This depends on competition, how powerful the website is before the work begins and also the budget of the business. For example, our own website required eight months to rank on page one for keywords like SEO Glasgow and SEO company Glasgow.

Watch out for SEO agencies who claim to be able to rank your website on page one in only a couple of months, these claims are generally made to try and take you on board as a client and are very unrealistic. Promises like these usually involve black hat SEO, which actually has a negative impact on your SEO.

How much do you charge?

Our pricing is based on an assessment of the overall competition and the cost of the resources and time we believe will be required to successfully rank clients for their keywords. We do not take on clients who we do not believe we can achieve results for on their budget. Our quotes reflect the work we provide, so you receive real value for your investment.

SEO involves many hours of work every month, there’s an incredible amount of time spent on research, creating content, outreach and on page optimisation. Depending on the competition, some of our clients spend hundreds to thousands of pounds per month on the resources required to rank above their competition.

What ROI can be achieved?

The return on investment can be huge if your business is suitable for SEO. If you’re unsure if SEO is right for you, then fill in this form and we will let you know. We don’t work with businesses who we believe we can’t achieve results for.

Obviously, ROI depends on your business, which we can estimate for you when you contact us. What can be considered as ROI?

  • Purchases
  • Subscriptions
  • Registrations
  • Repeat Traffic
  • Conversions from search engine traffic
  • Increase in traffic from search engines
  • Increase in unique users from search engines
What is SEO?

SEO is the process of increasing the authority of a website in order to rank higher in search engines, this leads to an increase in site visitors and ultimately an increase in sales.

If you are a little unsure about what SEO is or how SEO works, then we highly recommend you take a look at the SEO Moz Beginners Guide, where you can learn the basics of SEO and pick the best search engine optimisation company for your needs.


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